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Electric Scooter Tire Replacement

Replacing the tire of an electric scooter is done in the same way as a bicycle. In the following Xiaomi M365 tire replacement video, the correct procedure is demonstrated. If the outer tire is worn and you are replacing it, it is advisable to also install a new inner tube. Tire wear and punctures are usually caused by insufficient tire pressure.

The recommended tire pressure for Xiaomi M365 is in the range of 3-4 bars. If the tire pressure drops below this range, it can lead to wear on both the outer and inner tire. Punctures in Xiaomi M365 tires are commonly attributed to incorrect tire pressures. Additionally, low tire pressure can affect maneuverability, and bumps may transmit directly through the tire to the rim.

Honeycomb tires for electric scooters.

Honeycomb tire replacement. Honeycomb tires are airless solid tires with built-in air pockets. These tires provide additional flexibility to the electric scooter and act as shock absorbers, unlike solid rubber tires. They bring comfort to electric scooters that do not have built-in suspension. Below is an instructional video on how to replace honeycomb tires.
Electric Scooter Tire Replacement

When changing tires, it's important to consider the wires leading to the motor to avoid impacts and pulls. Sometimes, dealing with larger tires can be a real challenge.

Inside the tire, there are steel wires that settle on the inner side of the rim, and these can be so tight that the only option is to cut the entire tire with a hacksaw and pliers.

When installing a new tire with tire levers/screwdrivers, be careful with the corners of the rim, as they can easily leave ugly marks. To prevent this, you can insert a piece of plastic or even tape between the tire lever and the rim before bending.

Hot water softens the tire, making it easier to slip it into place, almost with just your fingers.

If, however, you hesitate to do the replacement yourself or lack the necessary tools, among our partners, you can find service centers that can assist you with the tire change.

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