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"Choosing Your Electric Scooter

When choosing the right electric scooter for yourself, consider the features you want from the scooter. Power, battery size (range), suspension, tires, weight. The following YouTube video discusses these aspects

Choosing the Right Electric Scooter for Yourself

For electric scooters designed for adults, good minimum requirements include a 300W motor with a peak power of 600W. The battery capacity should ideally be at least 10Ah (360Wh) with a voltage of 36V.

Peak power refers to the power the scooter utilizes, for example, when going uphill. It acts as a kind of assistant to prevent the scooter from straining itself.

If the scooter struggles while climbing uphill at full throttle, meaning the voltage supply, and the speed dwindles, it isn't particularly beneficial for the motor in the long run

Front-wheel drive vs. Rear-wheel drive vs. Dualmotor

Generally, electric scooters have had front-wheel drive. However, in recent years, rear-motor electric scooters have gained popularity. Dualmotor scooters have both front and rear-wheel drive. In these scooters, you can choose whether to ride with one or two motors. The advantages of dualmotor scooters are noticeable on forest paths and uphill, where regular scooters may struggle to perform.

Electric Scooter Motors

Motor power in different electric scooter classes.

250w-500w+ peak power / 36-48v battery voltage.

500w-1000w+ peak power / 48-52v battery voltage.

1000w-2000w+ peak power / 48-60v battery voltage.

For motors exceeding 2000w, battery voltages typically range from



Electric scooter batteries and voltage

Battery capacities range from 5Ah to 40Ah.

In common models, batteries are typically in the 7-12Ah range.

Battery sizes are marked either in Ah or Wh, depending on the seller/manufacturer's specifications.

Here is a convenient Ah to Wh calculator where you add the battery voltage (V)

and the Ah or Wh reading

Suspension of an electric scooter

Consider the need for suspension when acquiring an electric scooter.

If you primarily ride on asphalt without jumping off curbs or engaging in other extreme activities, a non-suspension board is suitable for your ride.

A non-suspension board can also be used on dirt roads.

Boards with only front suspension or only rear suspension are also available

Electric scooter weight

The weight of an electric scooter mainly depends on the intended purpose. Basic boards are in the range of 15kg, and with additional equipment, they can weigh up to 50kg.

The batteries of long-range boards are heavy, requiring more from the frame and motors. The weight tends to increase proportionally with power and requirements


Different types of brakes:

  • Drum Brake: Drum brakes are almost maintenance-free but not as powerful as other brake types.

  • Disc Brake: More effective than drum brakes and requires maintenance at specified intervals.

  • Hydraulic Disc Brake: An efficient brake system used, for example, in motorcycles.

  • Electronic Brake: Brakes using motor braking and often utilize regenerative braking to recover energy.

All-purpose electric scooters

All-purpose electric scooters typically feature higher motor power, larger battery capacity, higher voltage, and suspension. The range of these scooters is usually 2-3 times greater than basic models, thanks to more powerful motors, larger batteries, and higher voltages. The weight also increases according to the level of requirements

Electric scooter tires.

There are different types of tires:

  • Pneumatic tire (Standard tire with an inner tube)

  • Tubeless tire (Air-tight tire without an inner tube)

  • Honeycomb tire (Tubeless tire with small air pockets providing a slight cushioning effect)

  • Solid tire (Non-pneumatic tire that does not go flat but may affect ride comfort due to its rigidity)


When purchasing a new electric scooter, consider the features you are looking for. With a small additional cost, you can always get a slightly better scooter to avoid disappointments in the future. The Electric Scooter Member section provides a comparison table that compares electric scooters from different brands and price ranges, along with their features.

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