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Equipment for an electric scooter rider

An electric scooter rider should be prepared with certain gear when heading out for a cruise on a summer day. You never know when a tire might burst or some part of the board might loosen, posing a danger to riding

Phone holder

A mobile phone holder attached to the electric scooter. Usually, when riding an electric scooter, you explore places where you wouldn't normally go. That's one good reason to have a sturdy phone holder attached to the handlebar.

An excellent and tested holder available on AliExpress.

Price: Approximately €15 including delivery.


Handlebar bag

Electric scooter handlebar bag. The handlebar bag conveniently holds necessary accessories and a bit more, depending on the bag's size. Wildman handlebar bags sold on AliExpress are well-reviewed. Price: Starting from €15.


Multi-tool. It's advisable to slip necessary tools, such as hex keys, into the handlebar bag that may be needed in various repair situations. It's unfortunate to be stranded due to the lack of a specific tool on the road


The Xiaomi Mijia 2 automatic pump. This is one of the handiest devices that a true scooter enthusiast always keeps with them. This USB rechargeable pump quickly inflates any tire. Prices range from €35 to €50

Tire pump

Tire repair foam

Tire repair foam. It's a good idea to carry this bottle with you. It fills the flat tire and seals the hole with foam. After foaming, you can ride the electric scooter normally. However, it's advisable to monitor tire pressures and replace the inner tube with a new one. Available at Tokmanni, Motonet, and all major retail stores
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