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Can you ride an electric scooter in winter

Yes, you can ride an electric scooter in winter. But it's a different matter how much you are willing to sacrifice for winter riding.

Winter tires for an electric scooter

It is highly recommended to install winter tires for riding on winter surfaces. Especially front-wheel-drive electric scooters tend to skid easily on corners, and ice hidden beneath the snow can pose challenges. Additionally, the small size of electric scooter tires may not provide sufficient grip without winter tires, causing the scooter to skid in place.

Instructions for making winter tires

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Riding an electric scooter in winter

You can ride an electric scooter in winter. Easiest riding is achieved in light snow with rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive electric scooters.

When riding in the snow, it's advisable to keep the weight toward the rear and the front of the board light. This reduces the risk of surprises under the snow causing potentially dangerous situations, as the risk of getting stuck is minimized.

With a front-wheel-drive board, it is possible to ride safely on ice or a cleared road, but during turns, it's recommended to be cautious to prevent the driving wheel from skidding the entire front end.

Maintenance of an electric scooter in winter

Cold weather diminishes the battery power and range of the electric scooter in winter.

After rides, it's advisable to clean the scooter from snow and allow it to dry as quickly as possible, even by placing it in a bathroom.

If the scooter is left to dry without proper snow/water removal, it will start accumulating corrosion, leading to rust, controller issues, and damage to wheel/motor bearings in the future.

Scooters are typically splash-resistant, not rust-resistant.


Brakes may behave differently in winter. Brake cables may freeze.

Brake calipers can freeze and become immobilized.

Leaving the scooter in the cold for even a short time can put the controller in an error state, preventing the scooter from being used until it has warmed up for a while.

Is it advisable to ride an electric scooter in winter?

It can be fun to ride an electric scooter in winter. However, electric scooters are generally not designed for wet weather or winter conditions.

It might not be advisable to sacrifice your main scooter for winter riding, as problems may arise in the next summer. Used electric scooters can be found in sales groups.

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