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sähköpotkulauta ip-luokitukset

Electric scooter IP Ratings

In electric scooters, there is typically one of these IP ratings. If the product specifications do not indicate a rating, the device likely hasn't been tested for it.

The first number classifies the device's protection against dust and solid particles, and the second number classifies the device's protection against water. The lowest IP rating is 00, and the highest rating is 68.


An IP-54 rating means that the electric scooter is well-protected against dust and fairly well-protected against splashing water. It can withstand the entry of small dust particles and is shielded from splashes, such as rain. It is suitable for use in normal weather conditions but is not completely waterproof.


In this case, the 'X' indicates that the device is not separately classified for dust protection, but it is protected against splashes. An IPX4 rating is suitable for electric scooters that can withstand splashes and moisture but are not completely dustproof.


An IP56 rating means that the electric scooter is protected against dust and strong water splashes. It can withstand high-pressure water sprays, such as heavy rain, but it is not submersible. An IP rating of 56 is suitable if the electric scooter is used in unstable weather conditions


IP68 rating is the highest and most comprehensive IP rating when it comes to the protection of electronic devices against dust and water.

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