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Service based in Lappeenranta.

We offer maintenance, repairs, and conversions for electric vehicles.

Battery repairs and constructions



Did your ride stall halfway up the hill? Did your journey come to an abrupt end? No worries, we've got the power to recharge your life.

Electric Scooter Repairs and Conversions.

We also repair faulty and damaged devices. Welding and minor modifications are possible.

We also carry out conversions from internal combustion engines to electricity, mainly for light electric vehicles with a legal speed of 25 km/h.

Completed conversions include, for example: modifying an electric scooter that can be registered as a moped into a light electric vehicle. In this case, the nominal power is reduced to 1000w and the maximum speed to 25 km/h. The vehicle does not need separate registration or insurance but is covered by home insurance. When on the road, the light electric vehicle follows the rules for cyclists.

Converting a petrol-powered ATV (under 110cc) into an electric one has also been done several times. According to traffic laws, the maximum width of a light electric vehicle is 80cm, so it is not possible to convert a very large ATV into a road-legal vehicle. However, if you need an electric ATV for, for example, a cottage, that can be realized. Within the legal framework, a light electric vehicle can be a maximum of 4m long, so there are no restrictions on length. We have transformed two ATVs into 2-3 seaters by extending the chassis. Storage boxes have also been added to these vehicles, making it easy to carry groceries and items. Attaching a trailer to these devices is also possible."


Battery Cell Refurbishment and Construction.

We can refurbish your old tired battery or build an entirely new one according to your needs.

By refurbishing your battery, we can often increase its capacity, resulting in an extended driving range.

For example, the battery of a Fat Scooter with 60V 12Ah (720Wh) capacity can be upgraded to 60V 17.5Ah (1050Wh) during the refurbishment process, all within the original casing. In the refurbishment, we use high-quality Samsung E35 cells (3450mAh). The cost of refurbishment is 630€ if the original BMS circuit is used.

Another common Fat Scooter battery is sized at 60V 20Ah, and during refurbishment, it can be upgraded to capacities up to 31Ah (1860Wh). (Samsung E35) Refurbishment prices are as follows: 60V 21Ah (1260Wh) - 750€, 60V 24.5Ah (1470Wh) - 880€, 60V 28Ah (1680Wh) - 980€, 60V 31Ah (1860Wh) - 1080€.

Depending on the dimensions of the battery casing, it is possible to create even larger batteries. In such cases, we use Samsung E50 or E35 cells. The largest individual battery built for a Fat Scooter so far is an impressive 72V 35Ah, equivalent to 2560Wh.

We also create smaller batteries as needed, starting from 7.4V, 11.1V, 14.4V, etc. We have supplies for the most common batteries ranging from 36V to 72V, both Li-ion and LiFePO4

Pekansähkökiituri - Maintenance

Service located in Lappeenranta.

We offer maintenance, repairs, and conversions for electric vehicles. Battery repairs and constructions.

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