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Electric Scooter Facebook Sales Groups.

Check the rules of the sales groups


Used Electric Scooters

Do you have a used electric kick scooter that you want to get rid of?

Sell it in a Facebook sales group.


Used Electric Scooters

Facebook Sales Group for Used Cruiser Scooters


Used Electric Bikes

Used Electric Bikes Sales Group.

Sell your used electric bike.


Facebook Sales Groups

There are several sales groups suitable for various categories of electric scooters.

Electric kick scooters, electric scooters, electric bikes, spare parts, etc...

We actively maintain these groups."

Sähköskoottien Facebook Myynti-ryhmät:

Kaikki ylläpitämät ryhmät sekä niiden säännöt


Sell your used electric kick scooter or electric scooter on Facebook

Selling Group Rules:

The groups are one part of the operations.

Only private individuals are allowed to Buy / Sell / Exchange electric vehicles in the group.

Commercial advertising is prohibited.

Private individuals are also not allowed to advertise/sell/transfer new electric vehicles.

Related discussions are allowed.

Sähköskootit reserves the right to use sales images on Instagram and other media.

However, we ensure privacy by not publishing names, addresses, phone numbers.

Also, remember to include the price, location, and remove sold items in your ads.

Thank you.

Companies: If you want to join the site and advertise, contact for more information.

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