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Error Codes and User Manuals for Electric Scooters

Error codes are usually readable through a mobile application or on the speed display. If the board doesn't have a Bluetooth mobile app, notifications of issues are typically displayed on the throttle handle.

"Xiaomi M365, Pro/Pro2, Essential, S1-3 - Error Codes/ Users Manual

Xiaomi Electric Scooter Error Codes

ninebot max_sahkopotkulautojen_vikakoodit

Ninebot Max G30 - G30D - Error Codes/ Users Manual

Ninebot Electric Scooter Error Codes

Zero 8,9,10,10x Error Codes/ Users Manual

Zero Electric Scooter Error Codes


Vsett 8, 9, 10 Error Codes/ Users Manual

Vsett Electric Scooter Error Codes

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