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Electric Scooter Tire Replacement I offer a convenient and fast service in the Oulu region and nearby areas, whether it's changing pneumatic or solid tires.

The process of the service is as follows: Call or send a message, providing the pick-up address for your scooter. I will pick up the electric scooter or the wheel with the tires already removed, and return it within a couple of business days.

You can pay for the service with a card when I return the scooter

The installation service cost is €45 (including VAT 24%) per tire, with no additional hidden fees.

If you're unsure about the type of tire suitable for your scooter, no worries! Just let me know the brand and model of your scooter in the message, and I'll inform you if I have suitable tires. You can also procure the tires yourself in advance from elsewhere.

Transportation in the Oulu Region

Transportation is free within the designated area (Toppila-Kempele), and outside this area, there is a transportation fee of 0.4€/km. If there are two tires to be replaced, I am happy to pick them up at no charge from a location at least ~5km away.

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Kone Okkonen

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