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Making Winter Tires for an Electric Scooter with Inflatable Tube Tires.

Making DIY winter tires is easy to do yourself. Inflatable tube tires need reinforcement to prevent the twisted studs from hitting the inner tube and causing punctures. For solid rubber tires, you can push the studs directly without worries. You will need a bicycle inner tube, glue, scissors, and 9mm shoe studs. There will be 20 studs per tire for grip, but the tires vibrate quite a bit. The more studs, the smoother the ride. However, vibrations are inevitable.

With this method, the inner part of the outer tire shrinks, so fitting the original inner tube may be challenging but can be done. In any case, the studs will vibrate the handlebars, so small bulges in the tire won't affect the ride much. Smaller inner tubes are available with further investigation. Winter driving also affects the battery's condition and shortens its lifespan. But it's a fun activity all around to drive in a little snow. Remember to ride a bit leaned back so that unexpected bumps and rocks don't catch you off guard. And wear a helmet.

For solid rubber tires, you can install the studs directly and then just go for a hard ride.


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