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Locking an electric scooter

It's advisable to lock the electric scooter as securely as possible if left unattended, even for a short period. With today's battery-powered grinders, basic locks can be quickly bypassed


Kryptonite U-lock

Kryptonite U-locks are among the best in the business.

The lock can be threaded through the frame tube behind the front wheel of the electric scooter and secured to a fixed object.

It can also be threaded through the space between the front and rear wheels, but the tire can be removed with a single wrench, so it's not recommended for extended storage. If you lock the board without attaching it to a fixed object, it can be carried or even lifted into a car

Disc brake lock

There are also audible disc brake locks that start making noise with even the slightest movement. Generally, disc brake locks suitable for bicycles are also compatible with electric scooters. It's advisable to ensure that the holes in the brake disc match the pin in the lock. Any issues can usually be resolved by enlarging the holes in the disc through drilling.


Apple AirTag GPS Tracker. For Electric Scooters, Electric Kick Scooters, or Electric Bikes

Due to its small size, you can conveniently slip the AirTag out of sight, for example, inside the frame or battery compartment. The AirTag operates on a CR2032 battery that lasts up to a year in use. It is also water-resistant, so moisture problems are not a concern

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